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Julian Bream:
My Favorite Albums

RCA Red Seal release prior to
the complete box set. A great taste of the Art of Julian Bream

New Box Set by RCA - 2013
RCA Red Seal recent release. 
A box set containing all recordings released on that label throughout his
40 year tenure.

Latest Releases

We are still anxiously

awaiting the rumoured autobiography.


Julian Bream with Peter Pears
Live, Aldeburgh Festival 1958 & 1959

The Doremi label has just released two performances from the famous

Aldeburgh festival.

Julian Bream
Welcome to the website dedicated to "The Art of Julian Bream"!




This is NOT Julian Bream's official website. As far as I know, Julian Bream does not have an official website. Nor does it appear as if Westminster, RCA, EMI or Sony Records have ever maintained a website for the musician. Given that Mister Bream is considered such an iconic figure in the world of classical guitar, he is mentioned in almost every website that is dedicated to discussing the instrument and its associated music. 

I have created this site to gather all the information on Julian Bream that is available and place it nicely organized in one location- julianbreamguitar.com. Hopefully, this site will provide useful information to all those who have an appreciation for the classical guitar and/or Julian Bream's professional life as a classical guitarist and lutenist. 


Julian Bream is retired; therefore, no new recordings are expected to surface. Still, there is so much information available on his life that I think updating this site will keep me busy for some time. So, peruse at your leisure and check back often — you never know when something NEW is going to pop up for your musical enjoyment! What I am referring to is the latest box set. That RCA/Sony Music would follow up "Julian Bream: My Favorite Albums" with the release of the beautiful box set  "The Complete RCA Album Collection" was a BIG SURPRISE!

Please make note that I do not know Julian Bream personally. I only saw him perform in concert once, many years ago, when I was a young man.  I do NOT have any of his personal contact information. Please do NOT email me requesting that I "pass on" information or comments to Julian Bream because I have no way of doing so.

Finally, this site has one purpose only and that is to be informational. No opinions will be stated here although it is obvious I have a healthy respect for my subject. I have many favourite classical and flamenco guitarists and this site is dedicated to all of them.

News and Recent Updates

Gendai Guitar Magazine

The Julian Bream Trust has a new scholar - Saki Kato. Thérèse Wassily Saba interviewed Ms. Kato and it is set to be published in the December 2019 issue of Gendai Guitar. They will be discussing Saki's lessons with Julian Bream in preparation for World Premiere of  "Streams and Variations" by the British composer Edward Cowie. The work is a newly commissioned piece by The Julian Bream Trust.

The Julian Bream Trust presents Saki Kato at the Wigmore Hall (November 21, 2017)

Suki Kato is the newest Julian Bream Trust scholar and on the 21st of November 2019, she will be presenting a full programme at the Wigmore Hall including a newly commissioned piece by the trust. It will be the World Premiere of "Streams and Variations" by the British composer Edward Cowie. Here is a link to The Julian Bream Trust -Saki Kato. Thérèse Wassily Saba also wrote a great piece on her wonderful site - International Classical Guitar.

Julian Bream Festival - 85 years A tribute to Julian Bream

March 28, 29, 30, 31, 2019

Organized by Antigoni Goni, director of the classical guitar department of the Flemish Royal Conservatory.  A weekend of masterclasses and concerts. Laura Snowden, Royal Academy Professor Michael Lewin, British musicologist Graham Wade, and Italian virtuoso Andrea Dieci will be joining the KCB staff and students. There will be new works presented that were either dedicated to or commissioned by Julian Bream.  Here is a link: Julian Bream Festival

Classical Guitar Magazine
The magazine recently mentioned this site, www.julianbreamguitar.com, on their digital issue for July 15, 2018.
On the occasion Julian Bream's birthday, the magazine reprinted a 2014 article on Julian Bream by Thérèse Wassily Saba. The magazine editor, Blair Jackson, mentioned this site in association with the article and birthday wishes for the maestro. Mr. Jackson referred to www.julianbreamguitar.com as a "wonderful fan site"!!!
The printed issue that came later contains another Julian Bream article, again by Thérèse Wassily Saba.
Here is a link: Happy 85th Birthday Julian Bream!

The Julian Bream Trust presents Laura Snowden at the Wigmore Hall (November 21, 2017)
Laura Snowden is the newest Julian Bream Trust scholar and she will be presenting a full programme at the Wigmore Hall on the 21st of November 2017 including a newly commissioned piece by the trust. It will be the World Premiere of "Ollie Mustonen: Sonata No 2 for solo guitar" by Ollie Mustonen. The Julian Bream Trust -Laura Snowden.

Recent updates on JulianBream
Literature - Magazines Articles (March 2019)
-Revised the entire page with several new additions

Recorded Works - Works Written for Julian Bream page (March 2019)
-Revised the entire page with several new additions

Discography - Listen to the album on YouTube links (February 2019).
-Provided by Universal Music Group North America for all Westminster recordings,
-Provided by Sony Music Entertainment for all RCA recordings
-Provided by Warner Music Group for some EMI Classics recording.

Discography - Miscellaneous Recordings page (3 new additions on February 2019)
-Muriel Smith-Songs of Christmas
-Highlights From Aldeburgh Autumn Chamber Music Festival - 1977 -
-Britten the Performer 9 - Handel, Britten / Harper, Pears

Discography - Compilation Recordings page - CD page (1 new addition on January 2019)
-Julian Bream Live, Aldeburgh Festival 1958 & 1959

Biography page:
-I am continuously adding to the biography page.

 The Art of

    Julian Bream

    Classical guitarist

                       and lutenist