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Julian Bream:

My Favorite Albums

RCA Red Seal release prior to complete box set. A great taste of the Art of Julian Bream

New Box Set by RCA  
RCA Red Seal recent release.  A box set containing all recordings released on that label throughout his 40 year tenure. 

Latest Release



This is NOT Julian Bream's official website. As far as I know, Julian Bream does not have an official website. Nor does it appear as if Westminster, RCA, EMI or Sony Records have ever maintained a website for the musician. Given that Mr. Bream is considered such an iconic figure in the world of classical guitar, he is mentioned in most every website that is dedicated to discussing the instrument and its associated music. 

I have created this site to gather all the information on Julian Bream that is available and place it nicely organized in one location- julianbreamguitar.com. Hopefully, this site will provide useful information to all those who have an appreciation for the classical guitar and/or Julian Bream's professional life as a classical guitarist and lutenist. 


Julian Bream is retired, therefore, no new recordings are expected to surface. Still there is so much information available on his life that I think updating this site will keep me busy for some time. So peruse at your leisure and check back often — you never know when something NEW is going to pop up for your musical enjoyment! What I am referring to is, who knew that RCA/Sony Music would follow up "Julian Bream: My Favorite Albums" with the release of the beautiful box set  "The Complete RCA Album Collection". That was a BIG SURPRISE!

Please make note that I do not know Mr. Julian Bream personally, I only saw him in concert once, many years ago when I was a young man.  I do NOT have any of his personal contact information. Please do NOT email me requesting that I "pass on" information or comments to Mr. Bream because I have no way of doing so.

Welcome to my fansite dedicated to "The Art of Julian Bream" !

 The Art of

    Julian Bream

    Classical guitarist

                       and lutenist