BMG (Banjo, Mandolin, Guitar)

June 1947

Guitar News

(The Official Organ of the International Classical Guitar Association)

February-March 1956

Guitar News
(The Official Organ of the International Classical Guitar Association)
March - April 1958

Guitar News
(The Official Organ of the International Classical Guitar Association)
November - December 1960

Guitarra Magazine, Issue 14, May-June 1965

An Interview with Julian Bream

Julian Bream + Lute + Guitar = Fantasy (includes a copy of the concert program).


Guitarra Magazine, Issue 16, September-October 1965

The Guitar, the Lute and I by Julian Bream





Guitarra Magazine, Issue 18, January-February 1966

Julian Bream Returns to Chicago - February 26, 1966

(Master Guitarist Concert Series announcement)



Guitarra Magazine, Issue 19, March-April 1966

A Quiet Evening with Lute, Guitar.

Julian Bream Recital review (from Feb 26, 1966)

The Gramophone  

July 1968  

Guitar News
(The Official Organ of the International Classical Guitar Association)
September - October 1969

Guitar Player 

October 1971

Article: Classical Genius

BMG (Banjo, Mandolin, Guitar)

November 1972 

Article: Julian Bream versus John Williams


October 1973


March 1974


April 1974


April 1974


June 1976



March 1977

Article: Julian Bream Master Class


June 1979

Article: Julian Bream in Full Bloom


February 1980


June 1981

Articles (two):

Julian Bream 1981 Master Class: Encounter with Genius by Rick Gartner

    1- Julian Bream

    2-Bream Master Class


Article 1

-Early biography concise informative summary

-This article is heavy on the lute side of Bream

-Discusses Grammy award successes.

-Music period before and after the recording process

-Suggest that Hauser guitars are at the top of Breams mind when talking guitars

-Briefly mentions his association with Romanillos

-Significant discusion about his 8 course lute by Rubio.

-his fingernailsand-how they continuously affect and change his playing

-his hand placement for the lute as opposed to the guitar

-use of tone color with the lute as opposed to the guitar

-his use of tablature for early worksand how he often transcribes it into 2 clefts

-composition: he enjoys it but has never recorded them and rarely plays them

-his love of outdoor games, gardening and walking

-his method of teaching

Article 2

-master class in January 1981 in San Francisco.Prior one master class in US 1964

-example of how he not only teaches but learns from his students.

-thought on playing Sor's "Study No. 14" in A

-importance of studying and listening to other instruments other than the guitar

-thoughts on playing Barrios' "La Catedral" (which Bream never recorded)

-thoughts on playing Villa-Lobos' "Etude 11"

-thoughts on playing Frank Martin's "Four Short Pieces"

-thoughts on playing Bach's "Prelude for Lute" in D minor

-thoughts on playing Bach's the "Fugue" from the Violin Sonata No. 1

-thoughts on playing Bach's "Chaconne"

-thoughts on playing Searle's "Five"

-thoughts on playing Britten's "Nocturnal"

-thoughts on playing Granado's "La Maja de Goya"

-thoughts on playing Albéniz' "Cordoba"

-thoughts on when to start a piece when the audience is not quiet settledown yet

Classical Guitar

September - October 1982


July 1983

Article: Julian Bream 50th Birthday

Guitar Player

June 1990

Article: Maestro Julian Bream


July 1993

Article: Bream at 60


Spring 1997

Akustik Gitarre

September - October 2006


January 2007

Article: Julian Bream Interview by


-the release of the DVD My Life in Music.

-his retirement in 2002

-his current practice shedule for occasional local concerts

-writting a book of memoirs

-writting a book based on interpretation of the works written for him

-the quick obligatory bio prior to fame - as a youth, in the service, playing jazz

- his dad buying a used lute guitar

-Malcolm Arnold: the Serenade for Guitar and Strings in 1955

-Britten compositions and the responsibility of playing the Nocturnal effectively

-meeting Stravinsky

-car accident and rehabilation of his arm

-his fellings about America (United States)

-people confusing him for a "Sir Bream when he is a Mr.Bream

Read the interview here: Julian Bream Interview

Classical Guitar

July 2008



Awards 2013


Classical Guitar

August 2014

Article: Julian Bream Masterclass

Classical Guitar

December 2014

Article: Julian Bream

Classical Guitar

Fall 2018

Article: Julian Bream turns 85!

Magazine articles

This page is dedicated to the magazine articles that have been published in referance to Julian Bream. Many of these were cover stories where Julian Bream was not just the topic of one of the articles included but his picture was on the cover as well. I have tried to include a few lines in reference to the main focus of the article where ever possible.  If the full or partial article is available on line, a link will be provided if possible.