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Awards 2013

Classical Guitar
Fall 2018
Article: Julian Bream turns 85!

Akustik Gitarre
September - October 2006

Classical Guitar
December 2014
Article: Julian Bream

Classical Guitar
June 2004

Classic Classics - C.F Martin 0-28   c. 1880 by James Westbrook

The articles discusses the Martin guitar used by Julian Bream from 1948 to 1952. This guitar was used by Bream for his debut performance at the Wigmore Hall in November 1951. Several pictures are included with the article. 

Classical Guitar
July 2008

Classical Guitar
August 2014
Article: Julian Bream Masterclass

January 2007
Article: Julian Bream Interview by

-the release of the DVD My Life in Music.
-his retirement in 2002
-his current practice shedule for occasional local concerts
-writting a book of memoirs
-writting a book based on interpretation of the works written for him
-the quick obligatory bio prior to fame - as a youth, in the service, playing jazz
- his dad buying a used lute guitar
-Malcolm Arnold: the Serenade for Guitar and Strings in 1955
-Britten compositions and the responsibility of playing the Nocturnal effectively
-meeting Stravinsky
-car accident and rehabilation of his arm
-his fellings about America (United States)
-people confusing him for a "Sir Bream when he is a Mr.Bream

Read the interview here: Julian Bream Interview