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Awards 2013

Classical Guitar
Fall 2018
Article: Julian Bream turns 85!

Akustik Gitarre
September - October 2006

Classical Guitar
December 2014
Article: Julian Bream

Classical Guitar
July 2008

Classical Guitar
August 2014
Article: Julian Bream Masterclass

January 2007
Article: Julian Bream Interview by

-the release of the DVD My Life in Music.
-his retirement in 2002
-his current practice shedule for occasional local concerts
-writting a book of memoirs
-writting a book based on interpretation of the works written for him
-the quick obligatory bio prior to fame - as a youth, in the service, playing jazz
- his dad buying a used lute guitar
-Malcolm Arnold: the Serenade for Guitar and Strings in 1955
-Britten compositions and the responsibility of playing the Nocturnal effectively
-meeting Stravinsky
-car accident and rehabilation of his arm
-his fellings about America (United States)
-people confusing him for a "Sir Bream when he is a Mr.Bream

Read the interview here: Julian Bream Interview