This is a list of projects that I have in mind for this website in the future. Hopefully, I can get to them soon.

I bought the website name many years ago after seeing another website for a guitarist created by a fan. The idea about creating a website for Julian Bream floated around my mind for many years but I never did anything with it. I finally opened up this site back in 2013, a few months before The Complete RCA Album Collection box set was slated for release. I thought to myself "Oh, this is a GREAT time to create a website. I'll just write a few things, put up a few album covers and I can finish this site just before the big box set release".  Well the Home page was the product of those few months before the box set release-along with researching books and scouring the internet for information. My computer skills are limited at best and creating a website was just way too over my head. I kept accidentally doing stupid things such as erasing or undoing things I had worked on for hours! Before I knew it, the box set was released and the website lost its steam. In 2015, I received a notice for my domain renewal and I told myself that if I wasn't going to commit to this project, I would let the domain name go. I have been working on this site off and on for 5 months. I have worked on this site through out planes and trains all throughout France and while visiting family in Spain. I have typed for a few hours every day before going to bed after coming home from work. With limited typing and computer skills, this is what I have to offer by the end of December 2015. I need a big break-no offense Mr. Bream.


_  Bream timeline

_  Bream biography-something short and sweet since the music speaks for itself. Also, still waiting on Bream to give us the dirt himself - autobiography?

_  Bream Quotes: comments, stories and jokes made by Bream that I find humorous and how I think it might relate to the advancement of the guitar.

_  Frequent Characters: throughout Julian Bream's career there are individuals that just kept popping up and just wouldn't go away.

       _  Henry G. Bream

       _  Dr. Boris Perrot

       _ Wilfred Appleby

       X Desmond Dupré

       X Andrés Segovia

       _ Thomas Goff

       _ Peter Pears

       _ The Julian Bream Consort

       _ George Malcolm

       _ John Williams

       _ Jose Romanillos

_  Expand the Julian Bream Edition box set page.

X  Miscellaneous recordings page

X  Compilation albums LP

X  Compilation albums CD

X  Awards and acknowledgements page

_  Instruments page

      X  Guitars as an adult

      _  Guitars as a youth

      X  Early period guitars

      _  Lute

      X  cello

      X  piano

_ The Julian Bream Trust

_  Link throughout the website

_  Proof read the entire website

_  Standardizing the format through out pages


Future Projects for this site