This is a list of projects that I have in mind for this website in the future. Hopefully, I can get to them soon.

I bought the website name many years ago after seeing another website for a guitarist created by a fan. The idea about creating a website for Julian Bream floated around my mind for many years but I never did anything with it. I finally opened up this site back in 2013, a few months before The Complete RCA Album Collection box set was slated for release. I thought to myself "Oh, this is a GREAT time to create a website. I'll just write a few things, put up a few album covers and I can finish this site just before the big box set release".  Well the Home page was the product of those few months before the box set release-along with researching books and scouring the internet for information. My computer skills are limited at best and a creating a website was just way too over my head. I kept accidentally doing stupid things such as erasing or undoing things I had worked on for hours! Before I knew it, the box set was released and the website lost its steam. In 2015, I received a notice for my domain renewal and I told myself that if I wasn't going to commit to this project, I would let the domain name go. I have been working on this site off and on for 5 months. I have worked on this site through out planes and trains all throughout France and while visiting family in Spain. I have typed for a few hours every day before going to bed after coming home from work. With limited typing and computer skills, this is what I have to offer by the end of December 2015. I need a big break-no offense Mr. Bream.


_  Bream timeline

_  Bream biography-something short and sweet since the music speaks for itself. Also, still waiting on Bream to give us the dirt himself - autobiography?

_  Bream Quotes: comments, stories and jokes made by Bream that I find humorous and how I think it might relate to the advancement of the guitar.

_  Frequent Characters: throughout Julian Bream's career there are individuals that just kept popping up and just wouldn't go away.

_  Expand the Julian Bream Edition box set page. That box set is a confusing mismatch of different albums brought together by certain ideas that likely

    sounded great at first but did not end up working out very well at times. It may have been a way to conserve space and save money but I think it led to

     some mayhem that left some album concepts lost in the fray.

_  Link throughout the website

_  Proof read the entire website

_  Standardizing the format through out pages


Future Projects for this site