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Hello! This is my contact page. If you have any information you would like to share about Julian Bream that might enhance the educational experience of this website, please email me at webmaster@julianbreamguitar.com .  Any constructive criticism on my fanpage would be appreciated. Please let me know if it is acceptable to post your comments. Please remember that I do NOT personally know Julian Bream and have no way of contacting him. You have a much greater chance of running into the Maestro walking the streets of Wilshire than you have of me being able to pass on a message. As I have stated before, this is a fanbased website and NOT  Julian Bream's official website.  There is a significant likelihood that Mr. Bream will never even know that this website exist. I read in an interview that Julian Bream does not even own a mobile telephone or computer. There is little chance that he will ever decide to set up his own website or even accidentally end up on this site. The record companies for Julian Bream have never maintained a website for the artist since Mr. Bream stopped recording before websites became a popular vehicle to promote music. This is why I am here, to promote his art on the internet because no one else has done so to a significant degree. Not only do I not know Julian Bream but I also have no affiliations with the record companies that represent him and his music. I am purely a fan. If I have posted any pictures or information that violates any copyright laws, please let me know and I will try to remedy the problem as soon as possible.

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