Repertoire as a youth.

April 21, 1945

At the PSG meeting. Julian was 11 years old.

Sor: Study in B minor

June 23, 1945

Elgar/arr. Obregon: Salut d' Amour

Giuliani: Danse Nord

Diabelli: Andante

August 18, 1945

At the PSG meeting. Julian was 12 years old.

Scarlatti - duet with his father. Exact duet is unknown.

Carulli - duet with his father. Exact duet is unknown.

César Frank - solo piece. Exact piece is unknown.

Carcasi waltz - solo piece. Exact waltz is unknown.

Carulli study - solo piece. Exact study is unknown.

September 15, 1945
At a PGS meeting

Shands: Légende

Carcasi: Andantino

Shands: Prélude et Impromptu

October 15, 1945
Henry develops a program for Julian's first "trial" recital at Cheltenham. The recital was to take place in January 1946. Due to Dr. Perrot's opposition and isistence that Julian was not ready, the plans for the recital were cancelled. Given that these pieces were part of the program must indicate that young Julian was already playing them fairly well. Julian is 12 years old.

Bach: Prelude

Bach: Gavotte

Coste: Andante

Sor: Thème Varié

Pujol: Canción de Cuna

Thorne: Mandolina

Shands: Il Pienseroso

Ries de Hilster: Prélude (dedicated to Julian)

Tárrega: Study in A

Malats: Serenata Española

Segovia: Anecdote No. 5

Ponce: Sonata Romántica

January 5, 1946
PSG hold their annual general meeting at Alliance Hall in Westminster. Wilfrid Appleby from BMG attends his first PSG meeting. Julian is 12 years old.

Giuliani: Preludium

Darr: Rondoletto

Shands: Calme du Soir, op. 58

February 16, 1946
Julian is invited to the British Federation of Banjoist, Mandolinist and Guitarist at Alliance Hall. Julian is 12 years old.

Sor: Study No. 5 in B minor

Shands: Légende, op. 201

March 30. 1946

Julian performs at the PSG. Julian is 12 years old.

Sor: Grand Solo for Guitar.

July 4, 1946
Auditions for BBC but later received a letter stating despite Julian being a promising musician in the future, they did not feel he was ready.  At this time Julian had only enough time to prepare 4 pieces with his new technique. Julian was less than 2 weeks away from his 13th birthday.

Coste: Étude

Shand: Chanson

Granados: Danza Espanola No. 5

Albert: Légende

October 20, 1946
BFBMG Junior Trophy rally at Central Hall in Westminster. Julian does not compete but performs as a "special" item at the end. The audience was so taken by the performance they applauded for numerous encores.  Julian played a Study and Prelude by Carcassi. While the audience applauded for more, Julian bowed and left the stage after the second encore. Julian signs autographs for the first time. There may not have been a "trophy" involved for Julian but the event represented a high honour for the performer. Julian was 13 years old

Concert "special" item

Darr: Rondoletto

First Encore

Carcasi: Study

Second Encore

Carcasi: Prelude

November 30, 1946
Henry developed a program in early November for Julian to perform within a months time - the second attempt to have Julian's first "trial" recital at Cheltenham Art Gallery.  The recital was initially suppose to take place in December  and was then moved forward to November 30, 1946.  Within the span of weeks the recital was moved to December 7, 1946 and the program was changed again due to the lack of diversity of the initial program. This is the initial program before the changes. Again, given that these pieces were part of the program must indicate that young Julian was already playing them fairly well. Julian was 13 years old.

Carcasi: Prelude

Sor: Andantino

Darr: Rondoletto

Coste: Concert Etude

Mertz: Capuletti

Bach: Courante

Tárrega: Coral de Haendel

Albéniz: Cadiz

Turina: Fandanguillo

Thorne: Simple Given

Albéniz: Granada

Granados: Danza Española, No. 5

December 7, 1946
Julian finally plays his "trial" recital at Cheltenham Art Gallery. Switched to the Chines Porcelain room of the museum. Julian was 13 years old.

Tárrega: Coral de Haendel

Scarlatti: Sonata in C

Albéniz: Cadiz

Bach: Courante

Rimsky-Korsakov: Chanson Hindu (Song of India)

Llobet: Estilo Popular

Sor: Andantino
Granados: Danza Española, No. 5

Turina: Fandanguillo

Ponce: Sonata Clásica


Darr: Rondoletto
Carcasi: Prelude


January 7, 1947

Julian is asked to perform for the BBC radio program Children's Hour for Young Artist.

Turina: Fandanguillo
Carcasi: Prelude

Schumann: Romanza

January 1, 1947

Julian performs at the PSG.

Granados: Tondilla

I Capuletti ed I Montecchi for PSG.

February 17, 1947
First formal recital at Cheltenham Art Gallery was a success. He was 13yrs old.

Schumann: Romanza

Bach: Prelude and Minuet

Granados: Tondilla

Shands: chanson

Paganni: Sonata

Coste: Concert Study

Albéniz: Granada

Sor: Theme and Variations

Usher: Sonata in A

This section is dedicated to showing the advance techique Julian was showing at a very young age. These pieces are all in the technically high intermediate to advanced area of performance. Julian continued to perform many of these pieces throughout his carrer.  Sadly, their is no known video footage of Julian playing as a child. There is likely some audio footage in the vaults of the BBC but they have yet to surface.