Julian first real attraction to musical sound was when his father bought a grand piano for the house when he was around 10 years old.  Soon afterwards, Julian starts taking lessons but like most children, he enjoyed playing but not practicing. Julian's grandmother had a bar with an old piano and he enjoyed playing popular tunes and entertain the patrons.

Within two years of starting his piano studies, Julian won a Junior Exhibition Award, awarded by the London County Council, for playing the piano. Julian is granted free tuition to learn piano at London's Royal College of Music on Saturday mornings. He was only 12 years old when he was awarded this free tuition. The lessons started in September of that year (1945). Julian had also started  learning how to play the guitar around the same time he started studying the piano. Within the year of taking piano lessons at the Royal College of Music, Julian also starts studying the cello as his second official instrument. In Julian's young teenage years he was being formally trained in two instruments, the piano and the cello, and learning the classical guitar essentially on his own. 

While Julian put the cello aside early on, he did continue playing the piano for pleasure. It seems that there was always keyboard instruments nearby throughout most of bream's life. Whether it was the grand piano or the upright at this grandmother's bar when he was a child, the harpsichords built by his friend Thomas Goff or the grand piano he would later on buy for his home in Simley, there was always a keyboard instrument around to have fun with.

There does not appear to be any recordings of Julian playing the piano and there does not appear to be any pictures of him sitting at the piano as a child. There are a hand full of pictures of Julian sitting at the piano having fun as an adult.