Henry George Bream was a commercial artist and amateur musician but most importantly he was a father to Julian Alexander Bream. Julian was his first born son and by the time Julian was 10 years of age, he was comfortable enough that he could buy a home and spend time on hobbies such as repairing transistor radios, buying instrument and playing music. In his first son, he essentially found a musical soul mate that was willing to spend time with him working on learning music. By sharing a love for music and guitars, Henry could not only live vicariously through their shared dreams but share in his son's early success as a musician as well. Henry and Julian developed a common goal which was to develop Julian into great guitarist. This goal still allowed Henry to do what fathers due best, guide their children down the right path. A parent also tells their children that just because you've picked the right path does not mean there will not be any stones in the road. There are always stones in the road and the small ones you trip on can be just as traumatic as the large ones you have to figure out how to climb over.  There were many stones in Julian's and Henry's journey but they learned to deal with them as a team in Julian's early career as a musician. Since we only know of Henry due to his relationship with his son Julian, it almost appears as if he dedicated the last 6 to 7 years of his life ensuring that his first son became a successful guitarist.

When Andrés Segovia offered to take young Julian with him on his travels for a year or more, Henry was once again faced with two paths and not sure which one to take. Had the decision been in reference to himself, then it might have been easier. The decision in this case involved his son. Not only are children the greatest thing  in a parents life, but he and Julian had been on this classical guitar path together for several years which resulted in an increased amount of time spent together. If he made the decision to send Julian with Segovia, there roads would part. In addition to being apart from his son, there was the pressure of knowing that a constant exposure to a strong minded individual such as Segovia could end up surpressing Julian's individuality. So Henry was always caught between trying to make the better decision the right decision. His remedy for the situation was to submerge Julian deep into musical territory not explored by Segovia. Julian would create an outlet for the British classical guitar composers that Segovia would have never provided. A musical influence that could spill over into his interpretation of the Spanish music that Julian and Segovia shared an interest in. This would help Julian maintain some of his individuality while under the tutelage of the maestro.

Henry G. Bream -

Amateur Classical Guitarist and Father to Julian Bream