Questions for Mr. Bream

In doing this website dedicated to Julian Bream, as you can imagine, many questions arise. These are the questions that I would ask Julian Bream if I were ever to have the opportunity to sit down with him for a cup tea. Some of these questions are silly and other are very valid questions that he may or may not even have any answers to.

General questions relating to all the albums as a whole.

-Did you have any input with the designing of your LP front covers?

-Did you have any input with the designing of your LP back covers?

-Did you have any input with the musical concept behind a particular LP? in relation to comment stated on Testament liners

-Why were the front LP covers often changed in different regions?  Was it your idea, a marketing strategy from the label, etc...?

-Why were the front album covers often changed when the albums was selected for reissues a few years later? Was it your idea, a marketing strategy from the label, etc...?

The Golden Age Singers

-Your first recordings destined for release on an LP was with The Golden Age Singers? Do you remember anything about these sessions and the different singers that made

  up the group?

An Anthology of English Song-first LP release

-This recording took over a year to be released. In the interim you recorded an album with Peter pears on Decca that actually ended up being released first. Do you remember the story behind this? 

Westminster Albums

I absolutely love your playing and interpretive style in all 4 of these early record. The concept and selections for the albums demonstrated a lot of maturity and respect for the composer. How much do you like them?

In relation to the first Box Set released in 199 for your birthday

-Was the concept of grouping certain albums together in one disc by composers or periods, despite the difference in recording techniques throughout a 40 year period, 

  something that you felt worked in the end or were you dissatisfied with some of the discs?

-Were any of the decisions made with this box set (getting 40 LPs squeezed into 28 CDs) dictated more by finances and bottom lines or was it more the actual size of a 40  

  CD box set in a time when jewel cases (not slip sleeves) were the norm?

-How do you think this box set compares to the newly released The Complete RCA Album Collection? 

-Some hard decision or mistakes were obviously made with the box set. Was leaving your collaborative albums with John Williams out of the box set a good decision or a mistake?

-Most of the selections of side 3 and 4 of Guitarra! The Guitar in Spain were left off because it would have created repeated selections throughout the box set. So why then

  were the 3 Tárrega pieces from this album (found in vol. 27 of the box set) included when the exact recordings were already included in the box set in vol. 26?

-Why was the de Falla piese "Danza del Molinero (Miller's Dance)" left out of the box set when one of the repeated Tárrega pieces could have been easily sacrificed? Mistake?

Silly Questions

Can you tell me which one of your RCA album LP mentions the Beatle in the liner notes on the back cover?