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Decca  SMD 1343, 6.41648 AN, ZAL 4705, Germany 1973  

London OS 25896 stereo     

Decca  SXL 2191, 1960

Decca  mono. CEP 730, 1960   

London-Treasury  STS15556, 1981  

Decca-Serenata  6.41648 BH           Germany 1982

Decca -Ace of Diamond SDD 360, 1973

Reissues-Alternate Front Album Covers

Webmaster's note:

Decca licensed this album out to several different labels (London, Treasury, etc...). Decca, as well as the other labels, took a lot of liberties with the title (A Recital of Lute Songs, A Recital of English Lute Songs, Lute Songs, etc...). Sometimes Pears' name appears first, other times Bream's name appears first.

A Recital of Lute Songs

A Recital of Lute Songs

(Peter Pears tenor with Julian Bream lute)

Recorded: 1958
Location: Decca Studios-London, England
Instrument: Lute-Thomas Goff, 1951

     Peter Pears-tenor
     Julian Bream-lute
Label: Decca Records
Released: 1960

Side one

  • John Dowland: Fine knacks for ladies
  • Philip Rosseter: Sweet come again
  • Thomas Morley: Thyrsis and Milla
  • John Dowland: Sorrow Stay
  • Thomas Ford: Come Phylis come
  • Thomas Morley: I saw my Lady weeping
  • Thomas Morley: With my love my life was nestled
  • Francis Pilkington: Rest, sweet nymphs

Side two

  • Thomas Morley: What if my mistress now
  • Anonymous: Have you seen but a white lily grow?
  • Thomas Campions: Come let us sound with melody
  • Anonymous: Miserere, my maker
  • Philip Rosseter: What is a day?
  • Thomas Campions: Fair if you expect admiring
  • Thomas Campions: Shall I come sweet love?
  • John Dowland: If my complaints
  • John Dowland: What if I never speed?
  • Philip Rosseter: Whether men do laugh or weep

A Recital of Lute Songs (initial LP release)
Decca Records LXT 5567 mono, SXL 2191.  UK 1960 


Decca Records SXL 2191. UK . Released 1960 

LUTE SONGS (reissue)
Decca Records. mono. CEP 730. picture with yellow banner. 45RPM 7". Released 1960?

LUTE SONGS (front cover: green with title Lute Songs. back cover: Recital of Lute Songs) (reissue)
London Records OS 25896 stereo. Released 1960

LUTE SONGS (reissue)
Decca Serenata SA7 *UK PRESSING* Released 1960 


Decca -Ace of Diamond SDD 360 ENGLAND.  1960, 1973 (full body picture of both men sitting in library) (reissue)

This album was recorded in 1958 and released in 1960. This actual release date of this reissue is not stated. The picture on the front cover is from a photo shoot in 1969/70 for the release of Elizabethan Lute Songs on RCA Victor LSC 3131.  

While made in England, it appears that it might have been a New Zealand release in 1973 

LUTE SONGS (Altenglische Lautenlieder) (reissue)
Decca  SMD 1343, 6.41648 AN, ZAL 4705 Germany. Released 1973

Same picture as album prior with darker border.

LUTE SONGS (bronze cover with lady and lute painting) (reissue)
London Treasury Records STS15556. Released 1981 (bronze cover with lady and lute painting.

LUTE SONGS (Lautenlieder, Chansons au Luth) (reissue)
Decca Serenata 6.41648 BH, Germany. Released 1982 


The Decca Record Company LON 444524 released 1995
This CD is a compilation of two different LPs of Elizabethan lute songs released by Decca. Both LPs feature Peter Pears as tenor and Julian Bream playing the lute. The first LP being the first LP Bream recorded with Pears, An Anthology of English Song LW 5243 and the second LP is the one on this page, A Recital of Lute Song LXT 5567.

ENGLISH SONGS (compilation)
Heritage label HTG CD224.   June 2011
This compilation includes all the selection from this LP except for "With my love, my life was nestled", "Have you seen but a white Lillie grow" and "Whether men do laugh or weep". This compilation also includes many selections from the first Pears/Bream Decca LP "Elizabethan Lute Songs: vol. 1 of An Anthology of English Song ". Additionally, this collection includes numerous selections that do NOT include Julian Bream.  Benjamin Britten accompanies Peter Pears on piano in these selections.