Miscellaneous Books

Julian Bream's first entry in a general music reference book. Julian, barelly twenty-one, has twenty-two lines dedicated to him in the Grove's Dictionary of Music and Musicians. Bream had yet to record a phonograph record.  (London: Macmillan 1954).

The Guitar and Mandolin, Biographies of Celebrated Players and Composers. Philip J. Bone, 1954, P.

In writing the book, Bone did not include people living at the time, as he felt that it was the job of future historians to decide who would be notable.

Music of Forty Festivals: Aldeburgh 1948-1987.

A list of works performed at Aldeburgh Festivals from 1948 to 1987. Rosamund Strode. 1987

The page is dedicated to books where Julian Bream is not the main focus yet there is a singnificant mention of his musical contributions.