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ENGLISH SONG RECITAL (compilation) 1970
Decca Records/London LL 152  - Canadian release
This compilation release is identical to the LP compilation just above but it bears a nearly identical album cover to the original 10" LP Elizabethan Lute Songs: vol. 3.

ENGLISH SONG (compilation)
Heritage label HTG CD224.   June 2011
This compilation includes all the selection from this LP except for "Come, sorrow, come" and " In darkness let me dwell". This compilation also includes many selections from the other Pears/Bream Decca LP A Recital of Lute Song. Additionally, this collection includes numerous selections that do NOT include Julian Bream.  Benjamin Britten accompanies Peter Pears on the piano in these selections.

The compilations below contain one or more selections from the record above. All the compilations are described completely on the compilation pages.


AN ENGLISH SONG RECITAL (compilation) 1970

Decca Records/Eclipse ECS. 545 stereo, 12" LP- UK release

This compilation contains all the tracks from both sides of the 10" LP above Elizabethan Lute Songs: vol. 1 - An Anthology of English Song on one side due to the larger 12" format. Side two contains all the tracks from another 10" LP Twentieth Century English Songs: vol. 3- An Anthology of English Song and Julian Bream does not appear on any of these selections. Peter Pears is accompanied by Benjamin Britten on piano.

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Webmaster's notes: 
Early on Peter Pears almost always received first billing on recordings and promotional material. That would eventually change once Bream was established and made RCA his permanent home.

When Julian Bream was asked about this recording he stated that he did not remember a thing about this recording session. 


ELIZABETHAN LUTE SONGS (compilation)  1996:
Decca Records LON 444524 mono.
This is a compilation CD that contains this album in its entirety and another Decca album of Pears and Bream recording Elizabethan lute music- A Recital of Lute Songs.

Alternate Front Album Covers

Elizabethan Lute Songs: vol. 1 of An Anthology of English Song

(Peter Pears tenor with Julian Bream lute)

Recorded: 1955

Location: Decca Studios, London
Instrument: Lute - Thomas Goff, 1951

   Peter Pears - tenor
   Julian Bream - lute
Label: Decca Records
Released: 1956

Side one

  • Thomas Ford: Fair, sweet, cruel (2:07)
  • Thomas Morley: Come, sorrow, come (3:37)
  • Philip Rosseter: When Laura Smiles (1:41)
  • John Dowland: I saw my lady weep (4:15)
  • Thomas Morley: It was a lover and his lass (2:28)

Side two

  • John Dowland: Awake, sweet love (2:41)
  • Philip Rosseter: What then is love but mourning (2:53)
  • John Dowland: In darkness let me dwell (4:49)
  • Thomas Morley: Mistress mine, well may you fare (1:21)

Decca Records LW 5243 mono- 1956 (original 10" LP release). Released with a black and white cover or with a basic green with black and white or fourth colour, orange. This album was part of a separately released, three-volume set An Anthology of English Song. Volume one, Elizabethan Lute Songs,  being the focus of this page. Volume three was titled Twentieth Century English Songs (LW 5241, 1956). There is no evidence that a volume 2 was ever officially released.

Elizabethan Lute Songs: vol. 1 of An Anthology of English Song