This page is dedicated to the instruments played by Julian Bream.

Julian Bream is a multi-instrumentalist. For most of his youth, he played the piano and the cello as well as different types of guitars. He not only received formal education on these two instruments at the prestigious Royal College of Music but performed with both of these instruments. He also received limited education on the classical guitar until he decided to self-educate early on.  He was a very successful performer as a youth on all 3 instruments.

As Julian became a young man, he did stop playing the cello but continued to play the piano for pleasure. As a professional adult musician, Julian concentrated on fretted string instruments. He continued his professional journey with the classical guitar and started setting his sites on other instruments such as the lute, the renaissance (four-course) guitar, the Spanish vihuela and the baroque guitar. This section is dedicated to the different instruments that have helped Julian Bream make beautiful music.

The instruments associated with Julian Bream have been divided into 5 categories.

1 - Classical guitar - during adolescence

2 - Classical guitar - during adulthood

3 - Early period guitars

4 - Lutes

5 - Cello

6 - Piano