1-Elizabethan Lute Songs: vol 1. of An Anthology of English Song (with Peter Pears)
2-Spanish Guitar Music: Turina, de Falla, Sor
3-Guitar Music of Villa-Lobos and Tórroba
4-A Bach Recital for the Guitar
5-Julian Bream Plays Dowland
6-A Recital of English Lute Songs (with Peter Pears)
7-The Art of Julian Bream
8-Guitar Concertos
9-The Golden Age of English Lute Music
10-An Evening of Elizabethan Music (with The Julian Bream Consort)
11-Popular Classics for Spanish Guitar
12-Rodrigo, Vivaldi, Britten
13-Music for Voice and Guitar (with Peter Pears)
14-Julian Bream in Concert (featuring Peter Pears)
15-Baroque Guitar
16-J.S. Bach: Lute Suites Nos. 1 & 2
17-Lute Music from the Royal Courts of Europe
18-20th Century Guitar
19-Dances of Dowland
20-Julian Bream and His Friends
21-Classic Guitar
22-Sonatas for Lute and Harpsichord (with George Malcolm)
23-Elizabethan Lute Songs (with Peter Pears)
24-Romantic Guitar
25-Julian Bream Plays Villa-Lobos
26-Julian & John (with John Williams)
27-The Woods So Wild
28-Julian Bream '70s
29-Julian and John/2 (with John Williams)
30-Giuliani and Sor
31-Concertos for Lute and Orchestra
32-Rodrigo and Berkeley
33-Lute Music of John Dowland
34-Villa-Lobos: 12 Etudes for Guitar and Suite Populaire Brésilienne
35-Julian Bream and John Williams "Live"
36-Music of Spain, vol. 1-Plays Milán & Narváez
37-Music of Spain, vol. 4-The Classical Heritage: Sor & Aguado
38-Music of Spain, vol. 5-Plays Granados & Albéniz
39-Music of Spain, vol. 8-The Last of the Spainish Romantics: Joaquín Rodrigo
41-Music of Spain, vol. 7-A Celebration of Andrés Segovia
42-¡Guitarra! The Guitar in Spain (C)
43-Guitar Concertos: Rodrigo and Brouwer
44-Fantasies, Ayres and Dances (with The Julian Bream Consort)
45-Two Loves (with Peggy Ashcroft)
46-La Guitarra Romantica-Llobet, Pujol, Tárrega
47-To the Edge of Dream: Rodrigo, Takemitsu, Arnold
48-Nocturnal: Britten, Lutoslawski, Martin, Takemitsu and Brouwer
49-J.S. Bach: Guitar Recital
50-Sonata: Pagianini, Castelnuovo-Tedesco, José
51-Testament-Guitar Recital: Bach, Sor, Turina, Tippet, Schubert (C)

52-Julian Bream Edition (Box Set-28 volumes) (C)

53-Music of Spain (Box Set) (C)

54-Julian Bream: My Favorite Albums (Box Set) (C)

55-The Complete RCA Album Collection (Box Set) (C)

56-DOREMI compilations

57-BBC Radio Broadcast LP

58-Compilations - LP

59-Compilations CD

60-Miscellaneous Recordings

Recordings - Audio

This page contains a listing of Julian Bream's complete official audio recording history. The discography is displayed in chronological order. Each recorded album has its individual page with information on the specific recording selected. Links to sites such as Amazon are provided and many of Julian's recordings are still available for purchase in the CD format. Many of these sites also provide the opportunity to listen to brief samples of his recordings. Second hand original LPs and CDs may be purchased through sites such as Amazon and eBay.

All works previously released on LP recordings by Julian Bream have been reissued on CD in one form or another. Some have been reissued on CDs with identical cover art and sequenced musical material and others have been reissued with different album cover art and/or alternate musical selections. Additionally, many compilations have been released with new art work or similar art work to that of LPs prior released. Compilations are denoted in the list below by (C) after the album title. Details for the compilations are cross-referenced with the original source recordings. Identical LP reissues (with different cover art) and CD re-issues of earlier LP recordings do not have separate entries.  Julian Bream is an international artist and many of his original recordings have been released with alternate front and back covers and track listings. Some of the alternate album covers reissued of original LPs are provided when available. If you run into an alternate version of an original recording that is not mentioned, please email me so I may possibly include the new information on this site.

This complete list is comprised of the initial official releases and the more notable compilations. Reissues and minor compilations are mentioned in the miscellaneous compilation page.