Terry Usher composes "Suite for the Spanish Guitar" upon Henry Bream's request. This suite would be the first piece written for Julian. [37] (Julian had already well passed this level of composition and was already performing pieces significantly more difficult. It does not appear that he ever performed this suite in any of his recitals as a youth).

Terry Usher: Suite for the Spanish Guitar (1945)
Requested by Henry Bream 
Written for Julian Bream

It was written in the manner of an eighteen-century suite.
The suite was published in the BMG October 1945 issue, p. ii
Does not appear that Julian ever played it in any of his recitals as a youth.

Terry Usher was the first Englishman in 30 years to compose a classical piece for guitar. Ernest Shand had been the last composer.

Terry Usher: Sonata in A (1946)
Requested by Henry Bream 
Written for and dedicated to Julian Bream in the early spring of 1946.

Terry Usher performed the first movement in August 7, 1946 at the Manchester Guitar Circle(BMG Oct 1946, p. 6)
Terry Usher played the piece in public prior to Julian but only at two recitals attended by a very small groups of people in 1946.
Julian performed the Sonata at the PSG member meeting on February 15, two days prior to the official performance.
First official performance by Julian Bream at his first public performance - Cheltenham Art Gallery on February 17, 1947.