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I bought the website domain name many years ago after seeing another website for a guitarist created by an admirer of his music. Then, the idea of creating a website for Julian Bream floated around my mind for many years but I never did anything with it. I finally opened up this site back in 2013, a few months before The Complete RCA Album Collection box set was scheduled for release. I thought to myself "Oh, this is a GREAT time to create a website for Julian Bream. I'll just write a few things, put up a few album covers and I can easily finish this site just before the release of the big box set".  Well, the Home page was the product of those few months before the box set was released. Before I knew it, the box set was released and the website lost its steam. In 2015, I received a notice for my domain renewal and I told myself that if I wasn't going to commit to this project, I would let the domain name go. I worked on this site for 5 months on my days off for the last half of 2015. I took a long trip at that time and worked on it consistently during my travels on planes and trains all throughout France and while visiting family in Spain. I typed away for a few hours every day before going to bed after coming home from work. With limited typing and computer skills, I completed a large bulk of what this site is today by the end of December 2015. I have continued to work on this site fairly diligently throughout the years and still, it very much remains "a work in progress". Julian Bream had such a lengthy and fruitful career that ideas for new pages on this site keep materializing.

This is a list of projects that I have in mind for this website in the future. Hopefully, I can get to them soon.


_  Home

      X Home Page - this is a page that is continuously evolving

      _  Bream Timeline - getting closer to completion but still needs a lot of work

      _  Bream Timeline (HIGHLIGHTS)

X  Discography

     _ Standardize all the LP pages and proofread:

         _  x1, x2, x3, x4, _5, _6, _7, _8, _9, _10,

         _ _11, _12, _13, _14, _15, _16, _17, _18, _19, _20,

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         _ _51, _52, _53, _54, _55, _ 56

     _ Expand the Julian Bream Edition box set page.
     _ Miscellaneous recordings page
     _ Compilation albums LP
     _ Compilation albums CD

_  Videography

     _ Television:  _ BBC1 (organize entries), _ BB2 (organize entries), _ BB4 (organize entries), _ BBC TV (organize entries)

     _ Soundtrack music

     X Guitarra! A Musical Journey Through Spain

     _ Julian Bream: My Life in Music

     _ Julian Bream: A Life in the Country

_  Recorded works

     X Recorded works

     X Works written for Julian Bream

     X Repeat Recordings

     X Concierto de Aranjuez

     X The Julian Bream Collection Archive

     X Live but unrecorded - this page will likely never feel complete.

     _ BBC Radio: _ Home Service, _ Light Programme, _ Network Three, _ Radio 2, _ Radio 3, _ Radio 4

     X Composer Julian Bream

     _ Repertoire as a youth

     _ Julian Bream Editions: _ Pre-Modern Era, _ Modern/Contemporary, _ Book Anthologies, _ Non-Editions.

     _ Memorium Compositions

_  Publications

     _ A Life on the Road

     _ Julian Bream: The Foundations of a Musical Career

     _ The Art of Julian Bream

     _ Books-Misc.

     _ Magazines: _ 1945-49, _ 1950-55, _ 1956-59, _ 1960-69, _ 1970-79, _ 1980-89, _1990-99, _2000-present

_  Frequent Characters: throughout Julian Bream's career there are individuals that just kept popping up and just wouldn't go away.

     X  Henry G. Bream

     _  Dr. Boris Perott

     _ Wilfred Appleby

     X Desmond Dupré

     _ Andrés Segovia

     _ Thomas Goff

     _ Peter Pears

     _ The Julian Bream Consort

     _ George Malcolm

     _ John Williams

     _ Jose Romanillos

_ Miscellaneous

     _ Julian in Art:  x Janice George-Allen, _ Miscellaneous art.

      X Awards and Acknowledgements

      X Award Nominations

      _ Instruments: _ Adult guitars, _ Adolescent guitars, _ Period guitars, _ Lutes, _Piano, _Cello. Misc Instruments

      _ Julian Bream Prize

      _ The Julian Bream Trust

      X JB at The Proms

      _ Aldeburgh Festival

      _ Julian Bream at Wigmore Hall

      X Desert Island Discs

      _ Special Places

      _ Julian's favourite Poem

      _ Bream Quotes

      _ Questions for Mr Bream

_  Contacts

     X About This Site

     X Acknowledgements

     _ Future of JulianBreamGuitar.com

     X Contacts

     _ Link throughout the website

     _ Proofread the entire website

     _ Standardizing the format throughout pages

     _ adapt all pages to be viewable on Smartphone and iPads.